Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Welcome to Brendan Corris' "Mature" Toon Blog!

Hey everybody. Sorry it all looks a little tacky and unfinished right now, the computer I'm using's giving me mad trouble. It will look just as good as my other blog in a day or two.
This is the "Mature" Toon blog, though I wouldn't really call me being a pervert who draws sexy cartoons very "mature", but I didn't coin the damn term. Do not expect this blog to be updated regularly. This is not a major project of mine as I don't draw dirty cartoons too often, but whenever I get bored and horny enough, you can expect some new material. I can't guarentee any frequent updates, though. It may take four months from one to another, it may only take one week. Who knows?
However, there would be no point in starting an art blog and not posting some material, so enjoy my first feature in the post that follows!

Oh yeah, you gotta be 18 and yadadada and all that crap...
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