Saturday, October 22, 2011

Zelda Babes Feature (Including DA Removed Content)

Here's my Zelda girl feature I did a month or two back. I drew sexed-up renditions of my favorite cuties from Ocarina of Time, an amazing game that had no shortage of pretty little ladies. Featured are works titled - "Zelda, Super Sexy Princess", "Ruto's Big Blue Booty", "Saria, the Kokiri Cutie", "Malon's Massive Milk Jugs", and "Naburoo and Her Gerudos". All of these can also be found in my Deviantart gallery, except the last one below. My drawing "Tetra's Pirate Booty", a depiction of adult Tetra from Wind Waker all oiled up and bootylicious, was put up a week ago, but it has already been banned from Deviantart, so I can only show it here. Unfortunately the quality of images is far crumbier on Blogger than DA. Hopefully you'll find all of her curves and thickness just as delicious.