Thursday, July 12, 2012

Zelda Babes 2012 Tribute - second installment - Saria & Malon

Saria, the hot, pudgy little Kokiri babe milking sweet Malon's milk from her pouty nipples. Sorry this took so long to do. My plate's been full with drawings I prioritize over these and I've had computer problems for months. Enjoy.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Zelda Babes 2012 tribute - first installment - Maggie and Mila

Around this time last year I did a series of Zelda girl tribute pictures. Decided to kick this year's off with one that's a little unexpected. Maggie and Mila are from Wind Waker. They obviously didn't look like this originally, though for a Wind Waker character, I found Maggie pretty sexy already in that dress. Here's busty, curvy Maggie about to use sweet Mila as her sex toy. Enjoy. MORE TO COME!

Monday, February 6, 2012

Betilla & the Bodacious Nymphs

Rayman Origins was a great game - the best of 2011 in my personal opinion, but you're not here for a game review, are you? More importantly to this blog, Rayman Origins brought back Betilla and made her SUPER sexy, along with a handful of other deliciously curvy cute nymph sisters. I actually drew this set before the holidays, but it took me so long to get around to coloring them that they're just going up now. First, we have Betilla and her lovely sisters:

Next, we have a picture I did of Betilla and Holly of the music world:
Then, we have Betilla and her pudgey, cutie sister of Gormand Land (my personal favorite Nymph), Edith:

The fourth image is of Betilla and Annetta of the ocean world:

Now we have one of Betilla and her super-hottie sister, Helena of the mountains:

I also did one of Betilla and the adorable Voodoo Mama of the Land of the Livid Dead (totally frustrating stage but awesome none the less), in her true form of coarse. I'm a little unhappy with the proportions in this one (torsoes are a little TOO short, even for a cartoon of my style), but oh well.

And lastly, another one showing off the delicious, juicy curves of Edith Up. She's just too hot, she needed her own shots.

Hope you enjoyed them, and if you haven't already, go play Rayman Origins! It's wicked cool, and these chicks are so hot in the game, I barely even had to exaggerate their features that much.