Thursday, April 17, 2014

Amy Rose

-------- C L I C K - F O R - L A R G E R - S I Z E --------
Here's a series of Amy Rose doodles I decided to color. Amy's from the Sonic the Hedgehog games by Sega. This is my pervy take on her, complete with a big fat booty, juicy thighs and plump titties. The one on the left with the Piko hammer was actually a doodle from 2012, while the other two are from a month or two ago. I feel the one from 2012 is a little more crudely drawn than the other two, but not by too much. My favorite one is the side view. I always thought Amy had good potential to be a hottie. Maybe in the future I'll put up another Sonic hottie picture of a babe I've doodled a good few times over the years. Here's a hint - she has wings... and a black leotard... and white boots... big ears... wears a heart over her tits... a fuck it, it's Rouge. Rouge the Bat - coming soon... maybe.

Here are some black and whites: