Monday, December 2, 2013

The “Lost” Pinups

Nothing really new to show off here, just a couple of pictures I did in the last year that I forgot to ever post here.


I could have sworn I posted this up last winter on the Nymphs post from two years ago but apparently that never happened. Oh well, here’s Voodoo Mama from Rayman Origins, the super sexy nymph of the Land of the Livid Dead. Last year I discovered I like Voodoo Mama the best of the Nymphs, mostly due to the official artwork released of her which better helped me see what she looked like. What a babe. Well, here it is, almost a year late.


Here’s a picture of Leena from Chrono Cross I did last year after the Pudgy Bunny – Lanice picture but forgot to ever post it. I always thought Leena would  look ultra-hot with a thick and curvy body with huge tits.

Well, that’s the stuff I forgot to post. Hope you enjoy.